And…we’re back

Like most (good) blogs, we at UGS started strong, only to see our production suffer as the rigors of the year started to get to us. Think Villanova basketball in 2010 (and 2011). But now that the new semester is upon us, we’re gonna try our damnedest to bring you as much content as possible. You’ll be getting my weekly Villanovan column, Bank Shots, every Thursday no matter what, so at least there’s that. With Villanova basketball scuffling, it won’t necessarily be Nova-centric, but it will be sports, and let’s be honest, that’s why you’re here.

As the ‘Nova-Louisville winds to a close, some thoughts.

The ‘Cats needed this win. Entering the game, Villanova had an RPI of 78 and a SOS of 6, a decent profile even though their record was only 10-10. Now at 10-11 with a 3-6 conference mark, I can’t see us making the tournament without a 8-1 run to close out the season, along with at lest two wins in the Big East Tournament.

Poor officiating changed the game. This goes both ways. Too many calls from the zebras deprived the two best players on the court (Wayns and Ville’s Chane Behanan) from taking over the game. When they played, it was clear that both offenses were far more effective, forcing us fans to watch a disjointed, frustrating game. Wayns’ fourth foul was particularly egregious, an offensive foul call with Wayns moving to his left, not forward, as the defender slid in. Tough night.

The role players continue to contribute. Maalik has been the big story with his almost 31 ppg average since the ‘Cuse debacle. But every game, it seems like another role player steps it up. Against Seton Hall, Pinkston was a revelation, dominating every aspect of the game. Tonight, it was James Bell. Bell’s athleticism has never been questioned, but his basketball IQ has never been stellar. Tonight, steps in the right direction were made as Bell passed up some questionable shots, and played adequate defense. He hasn’t been the player we’ve needed him to be this season, but tonight was a good sign.

First edition of Bank Shots comes out tomorrow morning, you can also read it in The Villanovan. Feedback always welcome, comments always appreciated.


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