The New Hotness (Part 2)

Two Words.

Yup readers you read that right. Muh flippin battery toss. Here lies another game which people can engage in just in case the NBA/NFL don’t play. This game originated from a small town out of Wyoming, because there is absolutely nothing else to do in Wyoming. The game goes as such. Find a battery. Toss It to each other. Thats it and thats all mayne. This game can be soothing, fun, and a nice break from all the crazy shit thats going on in the world today. So go out there to your nearest Best Buy/Radio Shack, snag up some batteries. And toss your worries about the lockouts away.



2 thoughts on “The New Hotness (Part 2)

  1. such a weak post…you don’t even specify which batteries are best!! like am i going to use AAA’s for short distance, maybe AA’s for mid-range tossing…what about long toss?? i would assume a C battery would work fine, but a little insight would be nice. geez.

  2. thats the beauty of BT my man. completely customizable to each user’s taste. I prefer AA for the mid-range game myself, A for long range, and a nice car battery to add a little risk to my BT.

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