The New Hotness (Part 1)

It is a sad time in the sports world with the impending NFL and NBA lockouts.  Sports fans need to satisfy their need for competition, and I’m afraid to say that hockey just won’t do the trick for everyone.  Luckily, there’s a new game on the scene that is ready to fill the void.

Sake Jason.

Nobody really knows where or how it started, but that’s irrelevant.  It began somewhere in America, and has already spread to all seven continents.  People just can’t get enough.  They demanded a sporting revolution, and they got what they wanted.

1. Fill a handle of Banker’s with Sake.

2. Pass it around in a circle.

Next time you’re at a party, business meeting, class, or just chilling with a group of friends, and somebody asks, “Anybody wanna play some Sake Jason?” you’ll be ready.  And you’ll say yes.

So if we lose the NFL and NBA, the big four will have to be MLB, NHL, Sake Jason and….. the new hotness (part 2), which will be available soon.


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