Technical Difficulties

They’re the worst right? Well that is what UGS is currently suffering from right now. The gestapos at Verizon will not give us cable/internet until July 13 at the earliest, which is seriously impacting creativity/statistical analysis/my ability to watch Parks and Recreation. Not to mention we now have a 60 inch TV in our house, but can only play Xbox/watch DVDs. I guess we now know what it’s like to go without. (Heavy dose of sarcasm)

We here at UGS know that we’ve been slacking, but we will try our best to write up some good, inappropriate, (but well-supported) content for you all soon. The five members who don’t live here (I’m lookin’ at you Frank, what else is there to do in Detroit? Remark on the stagnant economy?) will also try to do their part as well.

In the meantime, we would like welcome Mr. Kenneth Lofton to the Upper Gulph All-Stars. Your plaque, as well as the plaques owed to previous inductees Limas Sweed, Jameer Nelson, and Brad Marchand, will be mailed out shortly.


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