Corey Stokes, Draft the Man

Someone please explain to me how Corey Stokes did not get drafted.  I mean some of the players that got drafted like really?!?! This is the NBA.  Come on!  Here are some players that got drafted that Corey Stokes should have been drafted over:

LA Lakers 26th in the 2nd round: Chukwudiebere Maduabum

This guy got drafted?! Really?! He averaged .7 points per game and .3 rebounds per game in the D League.  How can the Lakers expect him to contribute in the NBA if he can’t even contribute in the D League.  I mean his name doesn’t even come up as suggested when you start to type it in google.

San Antonio Spurs 29th in the 2nd round: Adam Hanga

He’s basically an international version of Stokes.  He’s a tall shooting guard and is lethal from 3 point range.  Sound familiar?  Why would you draft someone who has played overseas in Europe when you can have basically the same player that has played against American talent.  European talent typically does not transfer well into the NBA.

Orlando Magic 23rd in the 2nd round: Deandre Liggins

What exactly have the scouts seen in Liggins.  He’s never been the best player on his team at Kentucky (he’s never even been the 2nd best player on his team).  He has never averaged double digits in points per game in college and 2.8 assists per game is his career high.  Why would you not draft a player that has increased his points per game average per year every year in college to a career high of 14.9 points per game and plays great defense?

It just doesn’t make sense to me how some of these players were drafted whereas Corey Stokes remains undrafted?! He put up better numbers than all of these players and possesses the athleticism to play at the next level. lEtS wOrK


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