Who Is the Worst Human Being in Sports?

We are in the midst of one of the most interesting NBA Finals in recent history. The main reason for this is Lebron James. Love him or hate him, Lebron is one of the most polarizing figures in sports ever. And by love him or hate him, I mean probably hate him. What Lebron did to the city of Cleveland in “The Decision” and the ensuing after-party was despicable to say the least. While Lebron is surely the most hated athlete in all of American, is he actually the worst human being in sports? I am going to compare his actions to four of the other worst people in American sports, and see if he really deserves to be the most hated person in sports.

Lebron James

The Decision, the celebration in Miami before the season started, leaving his home city, quitting on his team in the playoffs. Lebron has done a lot of things in the past year to make people turn against him.

Marvin Harrison

When you think about NFL wideouts, Harrison has the reputation of being quiet and professional, especially compared to the likes of Terrell Owens, Randy Moss, Chad Ocho-Johnson and other receivers. What people often choose to ignore is the fact that MARVIN HARRISON MURDERED SOMEONE (probably). Seriously, how does an NFL superstar get away with that. The abridged version of the story is that a guy got shot at in Philly, and swore it was Marvin Harrison shooting at him. He recorded the story for an interview with ESPN, but before the interview even aired, HE GOT MURKED.  Seriously, how do more people have a bigger problem with Chad Ochocinco sending gift baskets with mustard to the Steelers (because they can’t catch-up) (lol) than MARVIN HARRISON SHOOTING SOMEONE. While this isn’t “proven” and we really don’t know if it was actually him, how was this not a bigger story? And that’s not even the only thing he’s done. He choked a Jets ball-boy because a football landed too close to him. He lifted this kid off the ground by his throat! On the jumbotron where everyone in the stadium could see! Marvin Harrison is a terrible person.

Antonio Cromartie

According to the New York Post, Antonio Cromartie has 9 kids. With 8 women. I’m sure Cromartie’s family has a hard time remembering all of those kids’ birthdays. Heck, I bet they have a hard time remembering all the kids’ names! I bet Antonio Cromartie himself has a hard time remembering all their names! Haha, good joke. Wait…

Doris Burke

Doris Burke terrible at her job. Nobody likes her at all. All we hear from her is her voice, and she has the butchest, stupidest voice ever. Not to mention she talks about shit and she’s wrong. And most of the shit she talks about nobody cares about. Even her name makes her sound like a butch warehouse worker. Please God let there be no NBA lockout so she doesn’t call every single Villanova game, and say things like how she really is impressed by the strides Dom Cheek has made in the past year, and is really impressed by the toughness Antonio Pena brings to the team. Eat shit Doris. The only good thing she has brought to the world is the enjoyment everyone got from finding out that the Mavs feel the same way about her as the rest of the world.

Eric Devendorf

Devendorf hits women. Plus he played for Syracuse. I don’t know which is worse. http://www.sporcle.com/games/gobosox3424/cusebball

So the question remains, who is the worst human being in sports?


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