You Cheeky Bastards…

Yeah they say stuff like that here. First post, oh let’s do it.

Thursday night, 9:35PM, and guess what, no sports. This is standard operating procedure in the UK of course, once soccer ends, so does any semblance of sport as well. Honestly, unless you’re some sort of huge darts enthusiast, or you’ve been studying the intricacies of cricket for the 4 years required to learn the game, then you’re out of luck.

A few days ago we had the renowned summer boat races. Amidst the native-folk who apparently appreciate their boat races for their beauty or whatever nonsense they convince themselves to think, I found myself cheering slightly too aggressively for boats. Boats. Boats are not cool, they’re hardly interesting actually. Sometimes they bump into each other – Its like Nascar, only on water, much slower, and you have to substitute rednecks for really up-tight Brits.

I think it hit me there – There is a serious a lack of sports here, and everywhere around the world, besides the US of course. Its amazing actually, it also explains the drinking problem that has developed here. See there’s something really great about sports. It brings people together, it gets the blood pumping, we need it. Start to think about it, NFL, NBA, MLB, College football and basketball, NHL, Professional Lax (for the brahs) – We are so lucky.

Sports are great, and I miss them. Sure I can stream them sometimes, but its not easy staying up ’till 4AM, its also impossible to do on a daily basis. In all honesty I would take anything right now. So Nolan Patrick Seamus Finnegan Maalicky, the merits of baseball? Baseball is something, its something America has and cares about, and it doesn’t exist here. I would kill to watch a ballgame right now.

If you’ll excuse me I’m going to go watch the Ocho.



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