A Brief History of “Going Hard in the Paint”

Hard in the paint. Something that can’t be described, more like a feeling of complete ecstatic, unconditional swag, swagger even. Merriam-Webster gives several definitions of this hard-to-peg term:

hard*in*the*paint (derived from the Flockavelian igohardinthemothafuckinpaint, meaning thug nasty)

1. To assert oneself within the confines of the large rectangle beneath the basket on a standard regulation basketball court

2. To accomplish something so successfully that your ego gets more inflated than a Good Year blimp at the Cowboys game on Thanksgiving

3. To create rap songs that are so atrociously bad that rhyming ‘the n word’ with also ‘the n word’ guarantees that your single goes platinum

4. what Clutch McGutch does every moment of his swagged out life

Merriam-Webster’s provides a pictorial example

Pimpin’ at the top of Mount Olympus


but finally, to my prediction for tonight’s game;  Dallas has all the momentum, Kidd’s gonna have a big game, and Dirty Dirk’s going to go firm in the varnish

Dallas wins 100-92

also Bosh is not playing like a Bosh


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