So Yankee fans are a bunch of douchebags

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I don’t think theres a group of fans that tries harder to look like they care about their team than Yankee fans. Everything they do is contrived; none of their actions as fans come naturally. The whole stadium would go crazy for fairly routine catches because one fan would hear the guy next to them clapping, and in an attempt to show that they’re a better fan they would start cheering, and then the clapping guy would stand up, and this one-upsmanship would continue until the entire stadium was celebrating boring plays with Joba-like exuberance. Fans weren’t quite sure why they were yelling at Red Sox fans, but knew that they had to to prove how dedicated they were to their team.

My favorite fan of the night was not the douche wearing the women’s jersey to show off his muscles. It wasn’t the girl in high heels wearing what must have been a baby sized tshirt. It wasn’t the fans in the corporate seats behind home plate who stayed just long enough to brag about going to the Yankees-Sox game in the office. And no, it wasn’t the fans sitting behind me who started a “Carl Crawford Sucks” chant while yelling just loudly enough for our section to hear them, but certainly didn’t carry to the field. My absolute favorite Yankee fan of the night was the guy a few rows behind me who spent the first 30 seconds of “God Bless America” screaming “HATS OFF, TAKE YOUR FUCKING HATS OFF”, and then got into an argument with a Red Sox fan who was still wearing his hat. He berated that Sox fan and definitely taught him to “show a little fucking respect” by creating a tizzy in our section and distracting everyone within earshot with his excessive cursing. What a fucking moron. I’m all for showing respect, I take my hat off when I’m wearing one, but still its not the national anthem bro, its just another song about America. Do people need to take their hats off Born in the USA and American Girl, too? What a fucking moron.

Addendum 1: I was also thoroughly not impressed with the fabled Yankee’s bleacher seats. I’ve heard so much about these seats in the past, people made it sound like it was where foolish Red Sox fans went to die. I thought I was gonna get maced and tazed and stabbed for even thinking about rooting for the Redsox back there. Turns out they were about as dangerous as a little kitten. Your standard Phillies fan completely outclasses Yankee fans when it comes to being classless. Now I mean I wasn’t being a raucous fan trying to make a scene, because lets be honest, mid season baseball games are almost as meaningless as women’s sports. But still, beyond the fucking dickhead I mentioned before and a couple weak “asshole” chants they didn’t say shit.


15 thoughts on “So Yankee fans are a bunch of douchebags

  1. hmm, pretty biting criticism from a fan of the ugly stepsister, the team with such an inferiority complex that they routinely start “yankees suck!” chants at fenway when the sox arent even playing against the yankees – talk about contrived. at least our team had fans before the year 2000, but if thinking yankees fans are the “fake” ones makes you feel better, by all means, indulge

    • youve gotta be joking, the red sox have one of the most dedicated and historically strong fan bases of any sports team in america. saying the red sox didnt have fans before 2000 is like saying the celtics didnt have fans before rajon rondo. if you think the sox didnt have fans before 2000, it means you didnt watch baseball before 2000.

      • ^ i cant imagine any statement being more pulled from ones ass than this one. most dedicated and historically strong fan bases of any sports team in america? by what criteria? just because you still had fans after a long stretch without a championship doesnt mean your fans are “dedicated.” especially considering the HUGE surge in popularity following the 04 WS (undeniable, even for a red sox fan) and the fact that the red sox fan base is essentially equally comprised of real fans and “anti-yankee fans.”

        i know there are ton of terrible things to be said for the majority of yankee fans (although not all of them), i simply find it humorous that theyre being said by a fan of the team whose fanbase has ALL of the same terrible qualities and not nearly as much hardware to back it up.

      • Wait…is that not exactly how youd describe a dedicated fan base? One who follows their team intensely even when they haven’t won anything in a while? And then you admit that im right in the second paragraph.

        And I cant be the only who finds the fact that his name is redsoxsuck hilarious

      • are you an idiot? you literally made our point for us. having a lot of fans after a long period of losing DOES prove you have a dedicated fan base. we had fans after a long period of losing, and after we won….so thats all the time. are you saying that having a lot of long-time fans always does not constitute having a strong fan base?

      • every team has fans, morons…the kansas city royals still fill 20,000 seats per game, would you consider their fanbase to be especially “dedicated”? i absolutely didnt prove your point, maybe i should restate it for you guys: simply having fans after a long championship drought does NOT automatically qualify you as one of the most “dedicated and historically strong fan bases” of ANY sports team in america, which is an absolutely ridiculous claim to make in the first place.

        the point im trying to make is this: even assuming every word of this post is 100% true and yankee fans are truly douchebags, the irony of having a red sox fan, of all people, point is out is about as “pot calling the kettle black” as one can get.

      • Well since 2001, the red sox have never had an attendance percentage below 95%. And 2001 one is as far back as I can check. And they were barely .500 that year. Whereas the royals rank in the bottom 5 teams in the league in attendance consistently. But that was a good point.

      • Weak-ish argument millz. Fenway Park is tiny as shit. A 37,500 seat stadium isn’t exceptionally hard to fill. That being said, as far as I know, the Sox have had a strong fan base forever. THAT being said, the Yankees have had an even stronger fan base (again, as far as I know). Pretty much any AL stadium they travel to, cheers for the Bombers are audible throughout the game. I’m pretty sure there are more Yankee fans than Oriole fans at Camden Yards.

      • That is rather impressive. Did you happen to catch who was second? (redsoxsuck you should invest in a debating class)

  2. I’m pretty sure every opinion in this article is outrageous and can be applied to any team that isn’t your own if you hate them enough. Every stadium you go to will have douchebags, skanks, good fans, bad fans, and – believe it or not – obnoxious fans. I do recall it was one roomiller who tried to start a “Yankees suck” chant at a Yankees-Indians game. If that’s not bitter then I don’t know what is.

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