Face-Off: Jose Juan Barea v Tyrone “Muggsy” Bogues

It’s an NBA short-man themed Face-off! This issue features two of the shortest point guards to ever play the game. Well, it’s the shortest one and a relatively short one. Okay fine, I only chose JJ because he’s on my TV right now, deal with it.

On the Court:

Muggsy Bogues was picked 12th overall out of Wake Forest in a promising draft year. Only one pick ahead of him was The Reggie Miller. Pretty impressive for a 5′ 3″ guy. Other 1987 Draft notables were Kevin Johnson (7th), Scotty Pippen (5th), and first overall David Robinson. Unfortunately, Bogues was drafted by The Bullets. In ’88 he was traded to the Hornets, where he spent the majority of his career. The then moved to The Golden State in ’97 and became a Warrior, followed by a Raptor two years later. Needless to say Muggsy didn’t have the best track record team-wise.

JJ Barea had somewhat of a slower start than Bogues did. The six foot zero guard left a successful college career at Northeastern to play in the Puerto Rican League in ’06. He probably played center in PR though; I think 6′ is hard to come by in the commonwealth. Anyway, that same year JJ was signed by Dallas after he went undrafted. After one year in the bigs, Barea found himself amongst the soldiers of the D-League…ew. All this aside, Jose now finds himself amid the glorious battle for that shiny golden NBA Championship trophy. So, pending the result of the Finals, EDGE: JJ

Height Contrast:

This one is strictly media-based:

6'0" JJ and 7'0" Dirk

Muggsy with 7'7" teammate Manute Bol

Yup. EDGE: Muggsy


Jose Juan was destined to have an initialed nickname. It’s a simple, standard abbreviation, but what’s so great about it is the way it rolls off the tongue. “JJ Barrrreahh.” It’s also not just a cop-out “Junior” J like some punks like to pull (no offense to my boy CJ back home).

HOWEVER! As if Tyrone wasn’t gangsta enough, Bogues was dubbed the OG nickname, “Muggsy,” which always makes me think of the cartoon Rocky and Mugsy gangsters. I gotta put this alias in my top three NBA nicknames, just under “The Big Shaqtus.” EDGE: Muggsy

Outside the NBA:

Besides being the shortest to ever play in the NBA, Muggsy was known by many for being one of the stars of one of the greatest movies – let alone sports movies – of all time, Space Jam. He didn’t have the biggest part in the movie, sure, but he still had the important role of being one of the superstars who got their talent sucked out of them. Without him, the plot would have died and the little red monstar would’ve sat the bench.

JJ hasn’t been in any movies that I’m aware of, but he does know a few other famous people…namely former Miss Universe, Zuleyka Rivera, who Barea happens to be smangin’ on the reg. How he managed to get a piece like her, I’ll never comprehend. But he did, and for that, EDGE: JJ

So it’s 2-2. But I’m obviously not going to let it end in a tie. Basically it comes down to this: JJ is sexin’ on the beauty in the crown to the left. I on the other hand am not, and he is doing me no favors by having this luxury. Muggsy has done me, and the rest of those who grew up in the ’90s and early ’00s, a favor by contributing to an instant childhood classic. Which is why I award this Face-Off to the shortest of short men, Tyrone “Muggsy” Bogues. Suck it.



4 thoughts on “Face-Off: Jose Juan Barea v Tyrone “Muggsy” Bogues

  1. Muggsy was a much better player in the league tha JJ has been. Muggsy was small yet strong and he locked in on D, staying in front of his man and hassling them. Plus his IQ and assists/ turnovers were primetime.

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