Thoroughbreds and Trolls, The Sasha Vujacic Edition

Athletes are rich, powerful, and overall generally revered as role models.  A team can stop a civil war and unite people together as one, as seen with the Ivory Coast; a single kick, throw, catch, pass, block, and stroke can change people’s lives forever; and a single player can bring joy to millions of people of all race, creeds and religions;.  Not all athletes rise to the acclaimed aforementioned super-stardom.  However, no two men however, are the ANTITHESIS of this, than MARCO JARIC, and he-who-must-not-be-named (Sasha Vujacic). SCROLL ACROSS THE PAGE TO SEE ALL PICS CUZ I DON’T KNOW WHAT I’M REALLY DOING YET.

Welp Folks, there ya have it.  Marko Jaric, an ORDINARY NBA player at best ( a modest 7 and 2 for his career) is dating no other than Adrian Lima.  Oh what was that again.  ADRIANNA MOTHER EFFING LIMA.  THEY’RE HAPPILY MARRIED.  and oh LOOK AGAIN, there’s Sasha Vujacic, and MARIA FREAKING SHARAPOVA.  THEY’RE ALSO EITHER MARRIED OR ENGAGED OR SOME BS.  All I ask why? Just Why?  Marko Jaric had an average jumpshot, didn’t win ANY titles, and played for the CLIPPERS AND THE TIMBERWOLVES amongst other things.  Yet he gets to be married to arguably the number 1 hottest supermodel, in the entire world.  And where do I even start with Sasha “The Machine” Vujacic (real nickname btw).  I have so many bad things to say about this player that i am going to dedicate a new blog post just to say what I need.  All you need to know for now is he’s horrible, looks like a hobo, and once claimed he could average 30 but that it wouldn’t benefit  his team if he did.  And Yet, he’s engaged or w/e to MARIA SHARAPOVA.   ONE OF THE HOTTEST TENNIS PLAYERS IN THE WORLD. AND ONE OF THE BEST TENNIS PLAYERS IN THE WORLD.

My point is simple, SV and MJ are trolls.  And Adrianna and Maria are thoroughbreds.  Some of the least deserving players in the league yet attained these girls.  The two girls sanity needs to be questioned.  My theory is they’ve both concocted a harry potter esque love potion of sorts, and the two ladys are in some sort of trance that they need to be freed from.  No one will ever no how or why, but i will remain angry, and flabbergasted.  Blackboy Out.



i will never forgive sasha vujacic for keeping her from the world


Why?....Like Seriously Why?...... SHM


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