The N-Word. What are the rules?

As most of you know, one of my best friends, Jax, is “black.” One of the most important things for a white person with a black friend is to know that you are not allowed to say the n-word, under any circumstances. This is pretty simple for me, as an Irish-Italian white kid, with a clearly black friend from LA. However, it is not always that simple.  There are many other races in America, and it often seems pretty unclear whether they are allowed to say the n-word.  The way I look at it, there are 4 ways to look at this conundrum.

1. People who are African or who have African Blood in them are allowed to say the N-word.
People who can under this criteria:
Jason Kidd
Landry Fields
Derek Jeter
Lindsay Lohan in Mean Girls, Matt Damon in Invictus
Michael Jackson

People who can’t under this criteria:
Vladimir Guerrero
David Ortiz
Fat Joe, Big Pun

While this sounds good in theory, the lists prove it is not feasible. First of all, for reasons I do not understand why, Fat Joe and Big Pun are allowed to say it. And really, Vlad Guerrero can’t say it? The man is as dark as anyone.

I am as dark as Fat Joe.

——#2. People who have dark skin are allowed to say the N-word.

People who can under this criteria:
Aziz Ansari
George Lopez
David Ortiz/Vladimir Guerrero
Indian Chief Sitting Bull

People who can’t under this criteria:
Jason Kidd
Fat Joe/Big Pun
DJ Khaled

This makes a little more sense, but where the hell do we draw the line? George Lopez is far darker than T.I., let alone Fat Joe and Drake, but they are clearly allowed to say it but George Lopez can’t.  Also, I’ve been looking at pictures and T.I.’s skin is about just as dark as Snooki’s…

3. You have to be hood to say the N-word.
People who can under this criteria:
Jason Williams
Fat Joe/Big Pun
DJ Khaled…?

People who can’t under this criteria:
Nelson Mandela
Wayne Brady
Grant Hill
Tiger Woods
Mike Tirico

This sounds good at first, but ends up ridiculous. There are clearly white people who are hood, and clearly black people who are not.

4. The black community as a whole has to like you to be allowed to say the N-word.
People who can under this criteria:
Justin Bieber (only white person nominated for a BET award)
Fat Joe/Big Pun/DJ Khaled
White Girls

People who can’t under this criteria?
Samwell (What What in the Butt guy)
Condoleezza Rice
Grant Hill

This seems like the most accurate list, but the criteria are least specific. It seems like the black community decides, and it is just true. Hence white peoples’ confusion. I am still blown away by Fat Joe being allowed to say it. How is he blacker than Eminem? They’re both light as hell, except Fat Joe sucks at rapping. It seems as half of it is being not white, and half of it is being black.  Any input anyone has would be greatly appreciated.

Other people to consider: Len Elmore? Aladdin? Skeeter from Doug? Cristiano Ronaldo? A-Rod? Rafael Furcal? David Stern (the leader of the most black-dominated sport in the world)? Sammy Sosa (can you lose the right to say it)? Nelson Mandela? Ghandi? Kim Kardashian? Jax? Blake Griffin? Daddy Yankee? Selena Gomez? Carl Lewis? Greg Gumble? Bill Cosby? Chris Andersen? Stephen Curry? Matt Barnes?

There should be an official authority on this. But who?


7 thoughts on “The N-Word. What are the rules?

  1. dude, everyone can say it… because u cant forbid a word! The question is – who can say in without consequences…
    Well, if we would go the trace of being persecuted… people who can say it would be of course Blacks (African Americans) but also Latinos, Jews, Polish people, Gypsies etc…

    but seriously – i think ONLY people with dark skin can say it without a consequence because “nigga” or “nigger” means “BLACK” .. and this is about the LOOKS (how a person looks like, NOT what genes he or she has)

  2. I don’t think it’s about skin colour but where you’re from. Mexican, African. Puerto Rican etc. would have all been discriminated against by the white majority. Even light mix race people would have been called nigger during and after slavery ended.

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