My Brain Still Hurts From Watching That

So I was sitting around at work when two of my co-workers threw on the Stanley cup game, which having absolutely nothing to do, I tried to watch. Turns out this was one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do. Its a disgrace of a spectator sports. It amazes me that its been able to maintain the kind of viewership to still be considered one of the four major sports. Yeah, yeah I know, its amazing live, whatever. It’s impossible to watch on TV.

First and foremost, what channel was I just watching? Versus? Is that real life? I’m pretty sure Jai Alai gets airtime on more established networks. If I wanted to watch Game 4 at home I’m not even sure I could and I get like 4000 channels.

Then, once you’ve finally found the channel, good luck following the action. Whoever decided that slapping around a 2inch piece of black rubber made for good television must have been on crack. I lost track of the puck approximately every 0.4 seconds, and that was before they even dropped it. There has got to be a better way to design that thing. Throw some sparkles on that shit and make it glow so I can actually see it during the game and I might actually watch a couple of games.

The game itself was actually pretty good. There were a bunch of hard hits, some decent scuffles, and I’m about 86% sure Nathan Horton is dead. Plus the USA got to assert its dominance over Canada yet again. Overall I’d say it was decently entertaining. Now if they just made it more watchable by sticking it on a real channel with a puck that I can see, I just might not off myself due to sports deprivation.


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