Here we go.

On the nearly eight hour drive from Maine to Nova, it struck me. The house that currently stands at 954 Upper Gulph Rd in Wayne, PA will serve host to ten sports fanatics for the next twelve months. From June 1 2011 to June 1 2012, the ten guys that live here will endlessly debate sports and pop culture from all angles, and what better forum for that then a dedicated and well-kept blog.

That being said, this will likely not be a dedicated or well-kept blog. Seriously, have you met some of the guys that live here? But at the very least, we hope that it will hit close to home for the people who live here and the friends and family who know us best. UGS will likely devolve into inappropriateness very, very quickly, but hopefully at least a couple good points about sports and maybe even life will be made over the course of this year. Think Grantland meets PBR and Banker’s Club.

The house (affectionately dubbed ‘The Bank’ by some) is host to Red Sox fans and Yankees fans. Eagles fans and Giants fans. Patriots-Jets. Chelsea-Arsenal. UNC-Duke. Celtics-Lakers. Vikings-Jaguars-Chiefs(?). Arguments will be had. Vocal chords will be strained. Fantasy teams will be drafted. And now it’s public.

Slowly but surely, the guys will introduce themselves one at a time. People call me Jalbs.

And in the words of our pet Turtle, it’s time to Do it Limas.


One thought on “Here we go.

  1. At first I was planning on telling you that you’re all a bunch of conceited losers if you think people are actually going to read this. Then, I realized that I quite enjoyed reading it. Therefore, with much hesitation, I declare myself a fan. Don’t disappoint me.

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