Grow a Pair

So I’m not going to try to pretend that I know shit about hockey because I still don’t know what a forecheck is. But seriously, I always thought hockey players were supposed to be all rough and tumble, getting into fights all the time and playing with stitches and stuff.  And then “the bite” happens. I mean seriously Bergeron, quit complaining. How much could that possibly have hurt? Back when I used to deke all over motherfuckers in roller hockey the gloves were so stiff I couldn’t have bent my fingers if I wanted to. I’m pretty sure they were part cement. The reason players drop gloves before fighting is for their own safety, because those things mean business. I literally kept those bad boys on my stick at all times because I knew they weren’t going anywhere and just slid my hands in when I needed to play. When I first saw that video I was more concerned with Burrows dental bill then I was with Berg’s hand, and then I found out that he had to get a bandaid on his finger? Dude is less hard then Chris Bosh.

P.S. I would have posted this blog about 4 days ago when this was still relevant had Jalbs not been lazy about setting the blog up.


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