Dear BCS, you have got to be kidding me

There has never been a less intelligent, more poorly run organization than the BCS. Every decision that comes out of their headquarters leaves me scratching my head. The rankings never makes sense, teams can win out and never have a chance at playing in the championship, and no one cares about the Roo Miller Memorial Double Stuff Golden Oreo Bowl. The system might prove more effective at selecting a true champion if teams were picked out of hat. But now they’ve done the most mind-numbingly stupid thing I can think of by vacating USC’s championship.

Relinquishing USC of their national championship does literally nothing. There is not a single college football fan out there whose going to look back and view that year as anything other then a USC win. The whole concept of issuing a punishment is taking action in the now to prevent future action. You don’t retroactively punish someone. When I was a little douchebag and got in trouble, my parents never grounded me by telling to forget all the fun I had at Disney World when I was 2 because that wouldn’t make any sense. Basically the only one being punished is the poor janitor whose has to climb up onto the rafters and take down that banner. And I hope that that janitor will never again consider giving players hundreds of thousands of dollars of gifts.

P.S. Can we please get a playoff system now?


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